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AVAILABLE NOW: A perfect holiday gift and the newest addition to the DoodleLoops library, "About Me: Just For Kids!" edition. Click on the picture at right to find out more.  (You can also download a free sample AND purchase a separate "About Me: Expansion Pages Supplement" from this link!).  

Loved by children and their teachers, parents and educators alike for more than 20 years, DoodleLoops are simple, unique and exciting teaching tools designed to strengthen reading and language arts skills, enhance social and emotional growth and promote creativity.  With a recently updated Second Edition that includes 10 distinct and complementary volumes, each containing over 130 pages, DoodleLoops can be used to teach and reinforce a wide variety of skills and assess students’ progress in almost every area of the curriculum!  They can be used from Pre-Kindergarten through the eighth grade.

  • Perfect for general classroom use.
  • Outstanding for use in the home.
  • Excellent for new English language learners.
  • Ideal for children with learning, social and emotional challenges.
  • An exciting outlet for gifted children.
  • Available as immediate PDF downloads (for easy duplication and re-use) and also in paperback editions for collectors and bookshelves.
  • Categories include: Drawing and Writing, Emotional Development, Language Arts Skills and Reading and Literature.

With DoodleLoops, children are inspired to learn, explore and improve their skills through an engaging and dynamic approach to education that we call Ignition for Cognition.  By combining creativity, drawing and expressive language skills, learning becomes exciting and fun!

DoodleLoops empower children with the Joy of Learning to Create and Creating to Learn.

Click here to learn more about DoodleLoops and its creator, or click here to browse the 10 titles and purchase your own downloadable DoodleLoops right away!


A holiday gift All About Them!

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Student Showcase

Here you’ll see just a few, select examples of the wonderful creative output we’ve received back from DoodleLoops’ students and their teachers.

Click here to see more, submit your own DoodleLoops works and have them featured on this site, and learn more about upcoming DoodleLoops’ contests and more.

What They’re Saying About DoodleLoops

Sara, age 8

“I love every DoodleLoops page and would be very happy if you made more. I am in the third grade now and I still love them!”

Sam, 3rd Grade Student

“The reason why I like DoodleLoops is because I really like drawing and being creative.  There's nothing in the world that can beat them!”

Linda, parent of an 11-year-old and an 8-year old

“DoodleLoops! What an incredibly creative and motivating idea to spark every child’s creativity and development of writing skills. I couldn’t believe the quality of stories my own children were cranking out daily!”

Susan T., 3rd/4th Special Education Teacher

“Several years ago I purchased this book at a conference. Since I teach third and fourth grade SPED I thought it might serve to motivate my reluctant writers to pick up a pencil. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results! Not only will they write, but they do it gladly. When my old book was lost over the summer, I knew I'd have to find another! My new crop of students love it as much as my old ones did!”

Bryce S., 2nd Grade Teacher

"I think you ought to know about a fantastic writing resource called DoodleLoops!  My students would literally beg for more copies of DoodleLoops!  I really feel like my students started to love writing more when I added these into our work on writing center.  I feel so strongly about these writing resources that I felt you NEEDED to know about it."

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