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Loop into a love of learning.

DoodleLoops are unique and exciting learning tools designed to teach and strengthen reading and language arts skills and promote creativity.


Children are inspired to learn and explore through an engaging and dynamic approach to education.

Ignition to cognition

Loved by children and their teachers, parents, and educators alike for more than 25 years, DoodleLoops are simple, unique, and exciting teaching tools designed to strengthen reading and language arts skills, enhance social and emotional growth, and promote creativity.  With an updated Second Edition that includes 10 distinct and complementary volumes, each containing over 130 pages, DoodleLoops can be used to teach and reinforce a wide variety of skills and assess students’ progress in almost every area of the curriculum!  They can be used from Pre-Kindergarten through the eighth grade.

So what exactly are DoodleLoops?


DoodleLoops enhance social and emotional growth and promote creativity amongst elementary-age children with a simple, unique and exciting teaching tool designed to strengthen reading, writing and language arts skills.  


Knowledge meets imagination on every DoodleLoops page.   Starting with some form of a simple prompt – a shape, an incomplete picture, a letter or number, etc. – children are encouraged to apply what they already know or have learned, and what they envision in their own mind’s eye, to express themselves and further their learning. 


DoodleLoops  Second Edition includes 10 distinct and complementary volumes across four broad categories (Drawing and Writing, Emotional Development, Language Arts Skills, and Reading and Literature), with each book containing over 130 pages of DoodleLoops pages.  Click here to browse and purchase!


DoodleLoops can be used to teach and reinforce a wide variety of skills and assess students’ progress in almost every area of the curriculum. 


DoodleLoops are designed to be fun, to be easy, to be flexible according to a child’s skill level, and to be replicable.  There’s no one way to complete a DoodleLoops page, therefore the experience and value is endless.

Meet the Author
Sandy Baker

Sandy Baker is an educator, published author, illustrator, workshop facilitator and consultant with over forty years of experience! Sandy served as a classroom teacher of grades K through 2 for 37 years. She now has a large personal tutoring practice, which spans Pre-K through the eighth grade.


She has done freelance writing and illustrating for numerous publishing companies; developed a literature-based reading program for grades K through 3; and has conducted workshops, lectures and seminars all over the United States on her DoodleLoops series and literature-based reading instruction.


Sandy is passionate about making learning more meaningful and exciting. She has achieved her passion through the creation of DoodleLoops! She is delighted to share them with you!


Sandy receives and personally reads every comment, question, review and DoodleLoops sample you share with us, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch!


Sandy and the DoodleLoops team are based out of Northbrook, Illinois.

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